We build adaptive models to support collaborative solutions.


Our technology gives decision-makers access to data solutions programs with critical insights to apply towards real-time implementation.

We conduct in-depth analysis of the current operating environment to shape strategy that improves existing assets and identifies appropriate alternatives to mitigate risk while limiting potential for fraud, waste, and abuse


Program development, implementation, reconciliation, and strategic consulting that ensures equitable distribution of resources

Alternative application that empowers clients to have maximum impact with precision, while considering cultural competency and other key components of a just, equitable, and efficient response

Solutions that respond emergently to the needs of the community without disrupting the labor market or impeding the efforts of other support functions within the local and national ecosystem

Strategies that can be optimized against any budget or population


Unbiased operational awareness that adopts a models-based systems engineering approach to problem solving

Creation of coalitions of subject-matter experts and stakeholders within the system, established benchmarks and metrics, and reporting structures

Realistic modeling that governs real-time adaptations and improvements to streamline processes and eliminate barriers

Neutral partnership focuses on guiding our clients through complex response strategies and unforeseen challenges