Who we Are

Charted Course is a consultancy offering innovative solutions to some of the most pressing healthcare and workforce challenges.

Burnished in depths of the pandemic crisis and response efforts across every sector in the staffing and resource supply chain, our team of experts applies lessons-learned to implement systemic change models with tailored research-based approaches that solve seemingly intractable problems.

To help our clients and partners achieve their goals, we build coalitions, develop and implement innovative policy solutions, and find both technical and human efficiencies and pathways to rapidly cut through bureaucracy, stagnation, and barriers to ROI, efficiency, equity, and inclusion.

Our stakeholders are ordinary citizens, workers and their employers, marginalized communities, elected officials, creatives, corporations, foundations, NGOs, and government agencies at the local, state and federal levels who seek to amplify their ability to embrace change for good. We build big tents and respect all voices brought to the table.

Our solutions

Our customers rely on our cutting-edge processes to efficiently reconcile problems by assessing established systems and creating new processes through curated technology and strategy techniques that effectively integrate model-based solutions real-time.

We generate quantifiable resources and spend waste reduction while creating bandwidth for leaders at every level to do their best work.

Customers depend on Charted Course techniques to identify and resolve underlying issues while addressing real-time concerns, which creates systems that are resilient in implementation, mitigate spend and resource waste inefficiencies, and ensure that the problems we face today propel us to better places tomorrow.

Amy Wildermuth, CEO of Charted Course

Amy Wildermuth, Founder & CEO

Throughout a successful career as an industry expert in business strategy and development within healthcare and workforce solutions, Amy Wildermuth leveraged innovative concepts and strategies to successfully design and support the scale of multiple organizations.

Her tenacious enthusiasm invigorates partnerships and provides critical wisdom to leaders at the helm of organizations during often volatile and unpredictable times. Her values-led, mission-driven mentality and insatiable curiosity creates a competitive edge for her customers. Most recently, Ms. Wildermuth adapted her expertise in sustainable scale and systems solutions to provide critical support to nationwide response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

She worked with single-minded focus to redirect life-saving resources and staff to hospitals across the country. Ms. Wildermuth’s unique ability to bring compassion and swift, precise decision-making to overburdened and under-resourced communities led to reimagining crisis response and workforce equity. As Ms. Wildermuth shared the lessons learned with leaders in Washington, she recognized the need for innovative strategy and expertise within adaptive challenges and founded Charted Course to chart a path forward that is rooted in equity and impact by offering vital solutions in technology, strategy, and oversight where and when leaders need them most.