Who we Are

Charted Course is a consultancy offering innovative solutions to some of the most pressing healthcare and workforce challenges.

Forged in the depths of the pandemic crisis, our team of experts has honed strategies to implement systemic change and solve complex problems. We leverage tailored, research-based approaches to deliver innovative solutions that drive efficiency, equity, and ROI.

We build coalitions and streamline processes, cutting through bureaucracy to achieve rapid results. Our clients and partners include businesses, marginalized communities, government agencies, and NGOs who seek to embrace positive change.

We respect all voices and build inclusive solutions that amplify our clients’ abilities to succeed.

Our solutions

At Charted Course, we provide cutting-edge consulting services that streamline processes and resolve issues through advanced technology and strategic techniques. Our solutions help clients reduce waste, optimize resources, and enhance leadership effectiveness.

Clients trust us to identify and address both underlying and immediate concerns, creating resilient systems that drive sustainable improvements and long-term success.

Amy Wildermuth, CEO of Charted Course

Amy Wildermuth, Founder & CEO

Throughout her distinguished career in business strategy and development within healthcare and workforce solutions, Amy Wildermuth has consistently driven organizational success with innovative concepts and strategies. Her leadership invigorates partnerships, guiding organizations through volatile times with critical wisdom and enthusiasm.

Amy’s values-led, mission-driven approach and insatiable curiosity create a competitive edge for her clients. She played a pivotal role in the US domestic response to the COVID-19 pandemic, adeptly redirecting resources and staff to hospitals, reimagining crisis response, and championing workforce equity.

Recognizing the need for innovative strategy in adaptive challenges, Amy founded Charted Course. She is immensely proud of the team, and the exceptional work they do together, driving impactful solutions and fostering innovation in challenging environments. Charted Course provides vital solutions in technology, strategy, and oversight, supporting leaders when they need it most.