Brave Strategy.
GLOBAL Vision. Vital Impact.

Building adaptive models to support collaborative solutions.


We are a dynamic team charting a course towards a more equitable, just world by building adaptive models that customers easily implement as they navigate their most pressing challenges. Our technology and processes evaluate issues holistically and develop solutions that are uniquely designed to solve system inefficiencies while fully addressing challenges at hand.


At Charted Course, our team of 100% subject matter experts apply innovative, efficient, culturally competent, and data-driven solutions to the world’s most complex issues. From health care to emergency preparedness to workforce crises, our team partners with other experts and community leaders across sectors to design sustainable strategies capable of rapid response.

We harness relevant data and cutting-edge analytics combined with adaptive modeling of circular resource economies to ensure leaders have access to approaches that are quantifiably effective, immediately impactful, and optimize available resources through a lens of equity and competency that mitigates loss of life and efficacy of overall response efforts.

Our adaptive solutions framework provides the flexibility to iterate and implement process improvements as needed to respond rapidly to emerging conditions. This enables our clients to optimize outcomes for their communities and build nimble, responsive programs.